PHOTO: Jennifer Aniston's Enormous Engagement Ring!

After two months of being photographed shielding her left hand with a towel, Jennifer Aniston's ring finally made its debut — and it's even more massive than we thought!

The diamond, affectionately dubbed "Pluto" by the blogosphere, was revealed on Saturday, Oct. 6., when fiancé Justin Theroux visited Aniston in Santa Fey, New Mexico, where she's currently filming We Are The Millers. She reached up to caress his face, and the rest is history.

jennifer aniston engagement ring
Photo Credit: Jason Thomas/FilmMagic

Shortly after Aniston's engagement on Aug. 10 (Theroux's 41st birthday) in NYC, the actress phoned pals after the proposal to give them the scoop: One source said "she was overwhelmed and overjoyed by the size and beauty of it [her ring]!"

Now it's easy to understand why. Talk about a step up from the his-and-hers knuckle rings they were sporting back when they were just dating. We still don't know who designed the reported eight-carat diamond, but sources reveal it is an emerald cut, although it looks more like a cushion to us. Either way, it's a stark departure from the unconventional ring she wore during her marriage to Brad Pitt. Back in 1999, he presented the former "Friends" star with a $500,000 round-cut ring, whose spiral shape was supposed to represent eternity. 

A source revealed to Us Weekly that Aniston is set on a destination wedding: "There will be the feeling of a vacation, since that's their favorite thing to do [together]." 

Stay tuned for more details of Aniston-Theroux's wedding plans as they emerge!

—Stefania Sainato