Distraught Bride Sues Videographer for Over $100k

Monica Nikchemny and Felix Komrash planned the wedding of their dreams at Crystal Plaza in Livingston, New Jersey. They hired Brooklyn-based videographers Visualaz to capture their fairy tale day.

But the couple claims their dreams turned into a nightmare when they received the edited film, which cost them $13,000. The bride compared it to a Seinfeld episode, alleging that it included sound effects and an applause track edited in — far from the production quality they expected based on the samples they'd seen. They also say that the videographers showed up with just a fraction of the equipment promised, missed key moments, and spliced together scenes in an order that made no sense.

"It was the worst thing in the world," the bride said. "I was really, absolutely hysterical and I almost had a nervous breakdown." She received the video while pregnant and claims she suffered medical issues due to stress.

Here's the controversial part: the couple is now suing their videographer for $122,000, presumably the cost of the entire wedding plus "damages," rather than just seeking a reimbursement for the $13,000 they paid.

I can relate to being dissatisfied with a wedding vendor; my husband and I were so disappointed with our wedding photos that we never even bothered making the album we'd paid for or getting any prints done. We expressed our feelings to our photographer, and she essentially just told us that she disagreed with our assessment. We never even considered suing her or even asking for our money back (though maybe we should've asked for a refund for the album). Our senior web producer Stefania also had a horrific situation with her florist that led her to fire him and find a replacement just six months before the wedding. It's upsetting when you spend so much time researching vendors, only to come out disappointed with the final result.

The videographers posted a sample of the wedding video on their website; note that this is not the full version that they're being used over, but it gives you a peek at the video style.

Monica {+} Felix - Monica's Bridal from Visualaz on Vimeo.

Tell us: What do you think of this lawsuit? Would you sue a vendor if you were dissatisfied?

—Kristen Klein

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