Watch: Al Gore Walks His Daughter Down the Aisle

While relaxing at Lucky Llama Coffee in Carpinteria, CA, Larry Nimmer noticed a wedding ceremony starting outside — and immediately recognized the father of the bride: former Vice President Al Gore. Nimmer — a reporter who runs — headed outdoors to capture some footage of the nuptials. 

al gore at his daughters wedding

Gore's daughter, Sarah, married real estate agent Patrick Maiani in a low-key ceremony held beneath a historic Torrey Pine tree, the largest in the world. Wearing a lovely boho-inspired gown, the bride stood with her groom inside a heart made of flower petals. The couple enjoyed a lively first dance on the lawn before heading to Crushcakes & Cafe bakery with their guests for a reception. 

al gore at his daughters wedding

al gore at his daughters wedding

Nimmer had a slightly embarrassing moment when he asked the former VP for some advice on building a successful marriage, forgetting that Gore and his wife, Tipper, separated several years ago (oops!).

Watch the video:

—Kristen Klein

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