5 Things We Loved About Liz Lemon's Wedding

We now have one more to add to our list of the most memorable TV weddings: Liz Lemon and Criss Chross from last night’s 30 Rock. Here, five reasons why we loved it:

The decidedly unromantic reason the couple got engaged
Liz and Criss have been trying to have a baby together. After Liz found out that her obnoxious ex and his wife, Dennis and Megan Duffy, adopted a baby with no trouble at all, she realizes that she and Criss might be more desirable to an adoption agency if they were married. Criss didn't disagree; “We’re as committed to each other as any married couple,” he said. “We might as well be married,” replied Liz. “So, let’s do it,” Criss decided. And there you have it — engaged. No ring, no romantic speech, just a mutual decision to make it official. 

liz lemon and criss chross 30 rock
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The other couples in City Hall
Never one to dream of a fancy wedding, Liz suggested just going down to City Hall that afternoon and getting hitched. “The first wedding I ever went to, I was a flower girl for my Aunt Linda. When they said ‘you may now kiss the bride,’ I did my first ever eye roll.” She expected all of the other City Hall couples to just as blasé about having a “special day,” pointing out a couple getting married in Mets gear. But she quickly learned that they chose their attire because they met at a Mets game. A woman in a more traditional wedding gown, which Liz declared a waste of money, was actually wearing a dress made and worn by her grandma from parachute silk during World War II while “hiding from the Germans.”

30 rock wedding
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The moment Liz decided she did want to make her wedding a special day
After Criss "forgot" to bring his birth certificate to City Hall, roped in the Duffys as their witnesses, and changed into the same turtleneck he was wearing the day they met, Liz finally admitted that she felt she shouldn’t care about her wedding because she couldn’t: “Because I’m Liz Lemon! My parents spent the money they saved up for my wedding on a PT Cruiser! I have been sure for a long time that this was never gonna happen, and I was fine with it! Ergo, it couldn’t matter!” Then she realized, “A tiny little part of me that I hate wants to be a princess.” 

30 rock wedding
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The all-knowing Jack predicted far before Liz realized it herself that she would want to make her wedding a big deal. He had Tony Bennett on reserve to sing. He was already wearing a tux — and knew exactly why Liz was calling before she said a word — when she rang to tell him to get to City Hall. He told her, "It's 30 minutes away. I'll be there in 10."

30 rock wedding
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The wedding dress and rings
The best moment was when Liz chose her “princess” wedding gown — her Princess Leia costume, complete with the hairstyle. To Jack’s quizzical look, she retorted, “It's the only white dress I own.” His biggest concern — the hair. “I’m a princess!” Liz responded.

30 rock wedding

While Liz was searching for the dress, Criss picked up some wedding rings from a police auction. Liz’s knuckle ring spelling out “Tito” formerly belonged to “a drug dealer the police shot in the face — in Riverside Park, where we first met,” he explained. Criss wore a gold grill on his teeth, which caused Liz's lip to get stuck during their first kiss. 

Honorable mentions: The mishmash of decorations, including "baby" and "congratulations" balloons in every color, plus some random floral arrangements; and the officiant eating spaghetti during Jack's reading from "The Fountainhead." 

Tell us: What was your favorite part of the wedding episode? (Missed it? Watch it here).

—Kristen O'Gorman Klein


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