Before & After: Brides' Incredible Shape-Up Stories

We interviewed brides across the country who triumphed over medical conditions, lifelong battles with the scale and grueling 6 a.m. workouts — even documenting their most challenging moments on national television! — to get fit for their wedding day.

Sweating for the wedding? Finding the motivation to make healthy nutrition and exercise choices every day can be challenging — especially when you've got 100 other tasks to cross off your to-do list. Whether you want to tone up, slim down, maintain your current weight or push yourself to the next level, these inspiring stories prove that amazing things can happen when you tap into your fitness potential.

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Competed on
The Biggest Loser

Overcame a
thyroid disorder

harry potter engagement photos
Gave up crash diets
for good

breakfast at tiffanys engagement photos
Joined the Paleo
nutrition movement


Saw results using
Weight Watchers

Gave herself a "wedding do-over"

Became addicted
to Crossfit





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