The Joy of Tech

For your amusement, we've rounded up some of the hottest new TV and sound systems, so tune in and have fun (just remember to share the remote)!

Stay Tuned

Set up your own super-cool media center with some of the newest toys on the block.


bg01j_073_75_i01_LR From top: 32” LCD HDTV with 178-degree-angle view by Panasonic. Mahogany-veneer console table by Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams. Striped vase by Jonathan Adler Happy Home for the Zrike Company. Bose Triport On-Ear Headphones effectively keep out all superfluous noise and give music life-like clarity. Bowl and small dishes by Sur la Table. Floral pillow and lime wool throw by Company C. Oversize universal remote by Innovage Products from JCPenney feaures soft buttons and controls up to eight devices, such as a TV, VCR and DVD player. Blue linen armchair by Maine Cottage.


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GOLDEN OLDIE The MP3 file of Crosley’s vintage-style Director CD Recorder from Target holds up to 200 songs. Other features: a three-speed record player and AM/FM radio with a handy remote control. MOVIE MAGIC This lightweight (1.5 pounds), palm-size Pocket Imager projector by Samsung can be taken anywhere you want to screen a favorite movie. All you need is a wall to project it on. And a tub of popcorn. MUSIC MANAGER Philips Bluetooth Wireless Music System Model BTM630 plays an MP3 and songs stored on a cellphone; it also plays and charges your iPod. Included is a handy all-in-one remote.




EASY LISTENING The mid-century modern style of Tivoli’s Audio Music System is enhanced by an exotic wood finish with a snazzy bronze faceplate. The system has a shuffle option for CDs and an AM/FM radio. GAME ON Nintendo’s Wii game station allows players to manipulate the controller (which looks and acts like a remote control), using it as a baseball bat, golf club, tennis racket or a sword—your choice. GET THE SKINNY Samsung’s single-deck DVD-R155 player has a slim 1.77-inch width; for crisp picture quality it may be converted for use with HDTV. Non-techies will love the one-button record feature.




TV FOR TWO Don’t be fooled by its modest 7-inch width—Philips has managed to pack a lot of functions into its compact iPod dock and DVD player. The screen swivels 180 degrees for better viewing from any angle. HAPPY DAYS Fifties-style retro popcorn maker by Nostalgia Electrics uses hot air (instead of oil) to make a great nonfat treat—without the butter! It provides a big bowl of popcorn—perfect for movie night chez vous. REEL TIME Epson’s all-in-one MovieMate 50 is a DVD player/projector and 5.1
Dolby Digital cinema-quality sound system that projects films eight times larger than a 40” TV. A built-in handle lets it travel.

Get Connected

Matt Dworkin from the Geek Squad at Best Buy stores has tips for installing a home-entertainment system.

  1. To receive HD channels, have your cable company add the HD package to your existing service.
  2. Buy high-quality cables to connect your TV. The $2 ones that come with the set simply won’t cut it.
  3. Home-theater setups are sensitive; all the parts—the TV, speakers and DVD players—draw a lot of power. So before plugging them in, get a surge protector (preferably one designed specifically for home theater).
  4. With a universal remote you can automatically program all your devices, cutting the need for multiple remotes for your TV, DVD player and music system, not to mention clutter.
  5. To simplify a home-theater system, use your computer’s wireless network. This way you can play videos, music or a slide show on your TV screen.

Speak up!

These cool speakers offer easy listening for the ears and are easy on the eyes.


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Eos’ Wireless Stereo Speaker System and Subwoofer Klipsch F-3 floor-standing speakers Panasonic’s SB-TP100 5.1 Channel Tower Speaker System


  1. Keep the tunes coming—indoors or out—with compact, portable Acoustic Research Wireless Stereo Speakers ($199.99). The speakers hook up easily to most TVs, DVD players, computers and MP3 players.
  2. Want great music in every room of the house at a terrific price? Eos’ Wireless Stereo Speaker System and Subwoofer ($299.95) will do the trick. It includes a base station plus a set of speakers. The portable dock not only plays but charges your iPod: You can listen to it from up to 150 feet away indoors and 300 outdoors.
  3. Multitasking is the name of the game with this CD player, cassette player and radio Mini Hi-Fi System ($399.95) by Sony. With optional stage lights that can be added on for visual effects, it’s the only piece of equipment you’ll need to get the party started. How cool is that?
  4. Here’s something you’ll both agree on. With high-quality sound and a modern design with black finish and titanium accents, these Klipsch F-3 floor-standing speakers ($850 per pair) make a stylish statement. Plus, they’re great for the space challenged—they can sit right on the floor. No need for a large media unit.
  5. Want to splurge? Panasonic’s SB-TP100 5.1 Channel Tower Speaker System ($1,699.95) was designed to enhance the experience of HDTV with an astounding five separate speakers that can stand or be mounted on your wall. The speakers’ height can be adjusted to three different levels, so you can align them with your seating position for perfect sound quality. —Haley Longman

Photography: David Kressler