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Wedding Invitation – What is embossing?

During your search for the perfect wedding invitation, you’ve surely come across the term “embossing.” What is embossing and why should you consider it for your wedding invitations?
Embossing creates raised images on your wedding invitations in the form of borders, accents and designs. Everything from simple frames to all-over patterns is created with embossing for looks that range from traditional and elegant to modern and glamorous to purely vintage.

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Check out these examples of embossed invitations to get an idea of how beautiful and rich embossed designs are. One may be perfect for introducing your wedding!

Beaded Swirls
Embossed swirls and foil dots join for a look that’s dramatically elegant. The paper shimmers in this beaded swirls wedding invitation to highlight your wording.

Whimsical Rose
A boldly embossed rose shows your romantic style by sending an oh-so-pretty vibe to your whimsical rose wedding invitation.

High Style
Show your fashionable side! The high style wedding invitation is bright white has a dramatic and deeply embossed pattern perfect for any vintage bride.
Rich Elegance
All-over shimmer makes the rich elegance wedding invitation perfect for your modern vintage wedding. An embossed frame accents your wording.

What brides are saying about our embossed invitations:
"I could not have asked for a better fitting design for my wedding invitations! They were totally my style and the style that I wanted to share with everyone who will share in our special day. The design is embossed, and they are so gorgeous!"


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