Invitations by Dawn Video Tutorials: Add Elegance to Your Wedding Stationery

Looking for ways to make wedding invitations really pop? Then you must watch these video tutorials from Invitations by Dawn. Each provides great tips and techniques on how to add extra-special touches that are sure to make any invitation memorable.

Wedding Invitation What is Embossing?
If you’re looking for a wedding invitation with texture, artistic flair and beautifully crafted style, embossing may be right for you! Find out more by watching our video.

Wedding Invitation Guide What is Thermography?
Tune in to our video to learn about the art of thermography and what it can do for YOUR wedding invitations!
Urban Vintage Behind the Designs
Want to know more about the inspiration behind Urban Vintage? Watch this video as April, the creative force of Urban Vintage, tells us how it all began.

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