Easy DIY Gift & Décor Ideas

Pre-wedding DIY projects and gifts need not be labor intensive, time- consuming or stressful. Here, some easy ways to upcycle old things into new, beautifully wrapped treasures.

By: Danny Seo

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  • Festive Bottles

    Festive Bottles

    Wrap a bottle of wine in a jiffy, with newspaper. Roll a bottle lengthwise along a sheet of newspaper. The bottom of the bottle should line up to the edge of the newspaper. Use tape to hold it in place. Then use sharp scissors to cut 1” strips from the top of the newspaper to the top of the bottle. Use the blade of the scissor to make pretty curls. Give as a gift or use as fun table toppers at a literary-themed or rustic-chic celebration.

    Photo courtesy of Danny Seo Media Ventures

  • Sparkling Jewelry Box

    Sparkling Jewelry Box

    Upcycle a pretty candy box into a sweeter surprise by filling it with vintage jewelry. Place colorful tissue paper into each compartment and top with rings, charms, bracelets and more: It’s a perfect gift for your fashionista bridesmaid!

    Photo courtesy of Danny Seo Media Ventures

  • Global Treat

    Global Treat

    Friends will appreciate a health-conscious treat like this organic exotic fruit basket. Simply take an old tabletop globe (easily found at antiques stores and flea markets) and pry the two halves apart at the equator; a blunt butter knife will help do the trick. Then fill with a selection of fresh fruit and tie together with clear, biodegradable cellophane.

    Photo courtesy of Danny Seo Media Ventures

  • Memory Balls

    Memory Balls

    Save all the pretty bits and pieces of rib- bon from your bridal shower and wedding gifts to create memory balls like these. Use large foam balls from the craft store and pin the ribbon pieces all over. Stamp a date on one ribbon to mark the occasion. Fill a bowl or basket in your new home with these treasured keepsakes and con- tinue creating memory balls throughout your married life to note other special occasions like birthdays, baby showers, holidays and anniversaries.

    Photo courtesy of Danny Seo Media Ventures

  • Flowering Gift Topper

    Flowering Gift Topper

    Silk flowers look more impressive when you strip off the plastic leaves. Simply pull the leaves off and group like-color flowers together. Then use florist tape to create a mini bouquet. Use sharp scissors to snip the excess stems and attach the flowers to the top of your gift with grosgrain ribbon.

    Photo courtesy of Danny Seo Media Ventures

Easy DIY Gift & Décor Ideas


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