How to Maximize Your Quarantine Time for Wedding-Planning

Stuck at home for the time being due to COVID-19 concerns? Take advantage of your increased at-home time to crank out some wedding-planning. 

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Research, Research, Research

Now is the perfect time to devour the May/June issue of Bridal Guide, which hit newsstands March 17. Don't have a subscription and can't get to a newsstand? We've got you covered online with our digital edition available on Issuu. Get your pinning finger ready; no need to feel guilty about spending endless hours scrolling through photos instead of going out with friends. Organize your thoughts, narrow down your ideal wedding style, and have inspiration boards ready to go for when it's time to start meeting with vendors. 

Schedule Skype Meetings

If you're ready to start booking your vendors, take advantage of technology and schedule meetings via Skype, Facetime, or Zoom. You can review the portfolios of photographers, videographers, florists, and musicians before chatting, then use the virtual meeting to get a feel for whether your personalities mesh and to discuss the details of your big day. "Setting up virtual chats has really taken the worry out of this uncertain time," says Sarah Kulhberg, Creative Director at Colette's Catering

Virtual Venue Tours

Most wedding venues have ample photos and videos on their websites to get you started on your virtual tour. But you can also take it a step further and ask for a virtual site tour. "You can virtually 'walk' through the event spaces with the venue's on-site coordinator, talk through what your wedding could look like at their location, and ask questions as they come up in real time," says Jenna Miller, Creative Director of Here Comes the Guide. Bonus: "Since it's happening on your device, you can screenshot or record key moments of the walkthrough." This will come in handy later when you're narrowing down your choices. 

Gown & Tux Shopping

Indulge in some virtual gown shopping! Browse our Gown Gallery to get a feel for which styles appeal to you. Jot down the designers and style numbers. Then, contact local salons to see if they carry those gowns, and plan out your shopping trip for when the quarantine is over.

If you need your dress sooner, consider ordering from a retailer like David’s Bridal, where you can shop online, get the help of a virtual stylist, and return the dress if it doesn’t end up working for you. 

Designer Mia Riley offers a home try-on program, where they'll send you a sizing sample, measuring tape, fabric swatches, and instructions on how to get your perfect fit. Plus: They are giving back during this time by providing essential workers with a discount. 

And don't forget about your groom — luckily for him, ordering a tuxedo online is much easier than a gown. Try a service like Generation Tux, which has a virtual fitting process that determines your best option using your height, age, weight, traditional pant size, age, body type, and preferred fit. "Our algorithm will fit you at a higher success rate than hand measuring," says Matt Ramirez, Senior VP of Marketing at Generation Tux. Get a free home try-on to make sure it's the perfect fit before your big day.

Shop for Accessories & Gifts

Take the time to plot out your wedding shoes, jewelry, and hair accessories. These are easy to order online, saving you a trip to the store. It's also a great time to look for bridesmaid gifts

DIY Projects

Did you see some ideas you loved but didn't know how you'd ever find the time? Well, now you'll have plenty of time. Order your supplies online, and get busy! 

Write Your Vows

If you're quarantined separately, this is a great time to reflect on your relationship and put it on paper. Distances makes the heart grow fonder, after all. On the flip side, if you're spending this time together, you'll likely be seeing more of each other than you ever have before... which can test any relationship! Working on your vows will help you focus on the good and forget about the little things that may irritate you when stuck in close quarters. 

Create Your Playlist

Cure the stuck-at-home boredom with music. Haven't found the perfect first dance song yet? Search Spotify for romantic songs, and see what jumps out at you. You can also search for wedding playlists to see what other couples are adding to their must-play lists. 

Register for Gifts

It's never been easier to create your registry online. Review our Registry Checklist for ideas of what you'll need, then get shopping! All major stores have an online option, and you can also create a universal registry if you want to curate items from different stores.  

Get in Shape

Already stress-eating through your snack stockpile? You're not alone. While your local gym may be closed, there are plenty of at-home workouts you can do. Make it a part of your daily routine to try a different workout each day. Exercise can give your immune system a boost, and it's great for your mental health as well. Check out out Fitness channel for ideas.