How COVID-19 Did Not Ruin My Nantucket Bachelorette Party

Real bride Stephanie Fogg opens up about her bachelorette weekend in Nantucket during the Coronavirus pandemic and shares tips on how to have a great celebration in these unprecedented times. 

Thirty miles off the coast of Cape Cod, Nantucket Island boasts the most breathtaking beaches, charming architecture, and unique experiences. A favorite spot of mine to go during the summertime, this was the most natural pick for my bachelorette weekend — or my #bACKelorette, if you will (ACK is the official three letter code for Nantucket Memorial Airport)! My incredible maid of honor and amazing friends put together a trip to the island during this crazy time that allowed us to celebrate together my special moments as a bride.

Surfside and Sunshine

The South Shore beaches are very popular for those looking for some waves. Surfside Beach was within walking distance from the beautiful home we rented, which worked out great for a ladies' beach day!  I knew that during these times with social distancing, we weren’t all going to be able to go to bars or any restaurants and sit together. The beach was the natural solution to this, so we packed up some coolers and headed out to enjoy the sunshine and waves for a bit. My maid of honor surprised everyone with matching tees that we wore as a group; mine said, "bride" and the others said, "bride's babes" and "babe of honor." Few things are better than a day at the beach, especially with all my favorite girls surrounding me.

Bachelorette Group

Hydrangeas and Happiness

Flour(ish) Bake Shoppe in Beverly, MA made the most adorable cookies for each of the girls who attended the bachelorette, which was such a nice surprise. The cookies were in the shape and style of hydrangeas, which are a seasonal staple across Nantucket Island. My future sister-in-law also surprised us with baking hydrangea cupcakes that were absolutely delicious! The vibrant blooms of hydrangeas as we strolled through the streets of Nantucket were simply beautiful. COVID or no COVID, these colors make everyone smile.

  • Hydrangea Cookie
  • Hydrangea Cookie

Madaket and Millies

On the far west end of the island is Madaket, a quiet part of the island where the beautiful beachfront homes embrace solitude and silence. There is only one restaurant here, and it is my absolute favorite: Millie’s. Each time we’re on island, we order their fantastic quesadillas and head to the beach to enjoy the radiant colors in the sky while eating our dinner. The sunset on this side of the island is the best, and travelers come from all over the island to watch the sun disappear over the ocean at Madaket.

I knew I wanted to enjoy the sunset and Millie’s with all of my closest girlfriends for my bachelorette. With COVID-19 restrictions, we were unable to dine at the restaurant as a large group, so we enjoyed their takeout, and it did not disappoint! We brought some rosé to the beach and toasted to the beautiful sunset in front of us.

  • Rose
  • Millies

Monograms and Mrs.

Celebrating my future last name added another special touch to the magical weekend. I got to wear this beautiful straw hat with "Mrs. Caldwell" printed on it; so, if it wasn’t already clear to everyone on the beach that I was a bride, it definitely was once I put the hat on!

Plus, Island to East Side makes the most amazing custom handbags, and I received one as a gift that says, "Mrs. C" on it. There are a variety of beautiful styles and personalization options especially for brides (and bridesmaids!) — such a great accessory for events leading up to the big day and beyond.

  • HAT
  • Purse


  • FLowers
  • Mrs. Caldwell

My bachelorette trip was incredibly special and I am very thankful that we were able to celebrate this time together in person. Although we were unable to dine out or go to bars, we made the absolute best of the COVID situation and created the most perfect beachy memories that I will always cherish from Miss to Mrs.