3 Reasons to Insure Your Wedding

Wedding insurance – more important and more affordable than you think. 


Wedsafe Wedding Insurance

From choice of venue to flowers to catering, it's no secret that wedding costs can easily add up. You spend months and thousands of dollars planning your big day – so why not take an extra step to protect your investment with some collateral? Here, WedSafe breaks down the top three reasons to consider wedding insurance. After all, it is the beginning of your forever together!

1. Wedding Insurance Can Save You Money

Wedding Insurance

No matter who pays for the wedding, whether it's you and your fiancé, your parents, or someone else close to you, you'll want to have a back-up plan for unexpected incidents that may incur financial loss. Protect those hard-earned dollars against injuries, property damage, alcohol-related accidents, and forced cancellation or postponement.

2. Wedding Insurance Offers Peace of Mind

Wedsafe Couple in Rain

Lift tremendous stress off of your shoulders and save yourself from those overwhelming "what ifs!" Insurance specialists like WedSafe are there every step of the way, to help you feel prepared — and relieved — in the face of wedding-related mishaps that can impact finances. 

3. Wedding Insurance is More Affordable Than You Think

Wedsafe Cake

On average, wedding insurance policies cost less than half of a three-tiered wedding cake. So, in the grand scheme of your budget, coverage usually amounts to just a tiny percentage. You wouldn’t drive around in your dream car without insurance, so why risk your dream wedding without it?

Most couples who insure their wedding with WedSafe, choose from two options:

Wedding Cancellation/Postponement Insurance

If circumstances beyond your control force you to postpone or cancel your wedding, this coverage provides reimbursement for losses and expenses, such as severe weather, sudden illness, no-show vendors, damage to attire, photos or gifts, and more!

Wedding Liability Insurance

This option is ideal for couples getting married at an unconventional venue like a park, museum, historic mansion, or private estate. Some venues actually require it! The coverage may also protect you in the event of injuries, property damage, or alcohol-related accidents.

WedSafe  wedding insurance is affordable, easy, and fast – Request a quote today for a wedding without worries.

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