Get Healthy Wedding-Day Hair

It's your day, and you're the star of the show! Learn how to get your crowning glory ready for the spotlight.


  1. GET MISTY: Bring vitality to lifeless hair, while protecting color against harmful UV rays, with a detangling spray.
    OUR PICK: Molton Brown Shining Starbloom Haircondition & Detangle
  2. SHINE ON: Using a weekly rinse-out gloss, designed to lock in pigment and brighten dull tresses, ensures your hair is protected.
    OUR PICK: Oscar Blandi Luce Sheer Gloss
  3. DEEP CONDITION: Celebrity hairstylist, Oribe, suggests applying a hydrating mask from hair’s midshaft down to ends, once a week, to plump up dry strands.
    OUR PICK: Oribe Signature Moisture Masque
  4. BE SMOOTH: A lightweight styling serum adds moisture and brilliance in a pinch.
    OUR PICK: Umberto Beverly Hills Roman Oil Serum
  5. MUST BRUSH: Using a boar bristle brush before washing “stimulates circulation, exfoliates the scalp and distributes the natural oils across the hair shaft,” says Marina Perkovic, Phyto Universe Salon in NYC.
    OUR PICK: Mason Pearson Handy Bristle Pure Boar Brush
  6. EAT UP: A diet that’s rich in fatty acids and proteins (vitamins work too!) helps hair become thicker, denser and healthier,” says Donna Tripodi, Eva Scrivo Salon in NYC.
    OUR PICK: Kérastase Paris Densitive Dietary Supplement
  7. SCALP TLC: Whether you suffer from a dry or oily scalp, purify instantly by massaging essential oils into your roots.
    OUR PICK: Phytopolléine Universal Elixir
  8. HAIR RAISER: Don’t let the stresses of wedding planning cause temporary hair loss or thinning. A tonic rich in amino acids and botanical extracts boosts bulk around the clock.
    OUR PICK: Leonor Greyl Tonique Vivifiant
  9. PERFECT ENDING: Repair damaged ends and boost shine with a split-end-specific treatment—overstyling and color processing don’t stand a chance.
    OUR PICK: René Furterer Karité No Rinse Repairing Serum
  10. DON’T OVERWASH: To avoid stripping natural oils from your scalp, shampoo every other day with a repairing cleanser.
    OUR PICK: Matrix Biolage Fortethérapie Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner

QUICK TIP: Don't forget to bring your veil or headpiece to the tria run of your big-day do.

Photography: Michael Essig