Fit for a Princess: Alfred Angelo's Cinderella Collection

Bridal designer Michael Shettel’s Cinderella Diamond Collection by Alfred Angelo casts an enchanting spell.

disney alfred angelo cinderella

Q. Why did you decide to devote an entire collection to Cinderella?
A. I developed a collection of Cinderella-inspired bridal gowns when Disney announced the Diamond Anniversary release of the eponymous film. Ever since her launch onto the silver screen in 1950, girls have idolized Cinderella. It seemed only appropriate that I would jump at the chance to devote an entire collection to one of the most iconic Disney princesses of all time as an extension of my Disney Fairy Tale Weddings collection for Alfred Angelo.

Q. What were some of your inspirations for designing this collection?
A. I drew my inspiration for the designs from the Disney archives. I was fortunate enough to gain access to original renderings and illustrations for the film by Disney artist Mary Blair. These treasures provided the greatest source material for the collection, and by fusing together such classic images from the past with today’s fashion, the collection was born.

Q. How did you find ways of making each interpretation of the Cinderella gown unique yet equally true to the original dress?
A. To ensure that every gown was unique, I used various facets of Cinderella’s character as my blueprint for each look — from the sparkling glass slipper and Cinderella’s blue eyes, to her blue ballgown — each element set the tone for the color and design of a specific dress. These gowns make a bold statement with their blue hue and ultra-glam crystal embellishments.

Q. What kind of bride did you envision when designing these gowns?
A. Every bride has her own idea of fairy tale style. With this collection I wanted to provide each bride with a variety of options to find her inner “Cinderella.” Classic, playful and glamorous, each dress possesses its own personality and style. While each look is distinct, the bride I envision for this collection is a brave, self-aware, modern-day princess who is unafraid to make a bold statement.