Kessler Canyon Delivers on 2012's Hottest Wedding Trend

Kessler Canyon — a luxury ranch set in the western Colorado rockies — is serving up some of the most glamorous ranch-inspired weddings anywhere. Engaged couples across the country are expressing their love for one of this season's hottest new wedding trends — the Ritzy Ranch Wedding — and this Colorado wildlife retreat doesn't disappoint.

By: Jennifer Lazarus

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  • Reinventing the Ranch Experience

    Reinventing the Ranch Experience

    Just a short three-and-a-half hour drive from Denver, a two-hour drive from both Aspen and Beaver Creek and a quick 45 minutes from the Grand Junction airport, the Kessler Canyon ranch is tucked away on the western slope of the Colorado Rockies. Here, the mountains and blue sky are perfectly reflected in the lake waters surrounding this upscale ranch creating the most idyllic setting for a wedding celebration. Don't be surprised if you bump into a celeb or two getting in the ranch spirit at Kessler Canyon.

  • The Homestead

    The Homestead

    The Homestead—the main building on the ranch—is where it all happens at Kessler Canyon. This great structure has numerous options for wedding receptions based on your personal preferences and guest count—including a large dining room and great room, a spacious living room, and both a bar and lounge.

  • The Homestead From Afar

    The Homestead From Afar

    An long-range view of the exquisite Homestead. 

  • The Great Room at the Homestead

    The Great Room at the Homestead

    Winter, summer spring or fall—the fire is always roaring in the great room of the Homestead. 

  • The Dining Room at The Homestead

    The Dining Room at The Homestead

    The authentically decorated dining room at the Homestead can accomodate up to 36 people for a sit-down reception.

  • The Safari Lounge

    The Safari Lounge

    Kick back with your bridal party—or host a small cocktail hour—in the charming Safari lounge.

  • The Living Room

    The Living Room

    There are many comfortable spots throughout the ranch to sit back and enjoy your loved ones like this cozy living room evoking images from a wild west movie.

  • The Guest House

    The Guest House

    The mountain air will assure you sleep peacefully in the guest house—so too will the luxurious accomodations.

  • A Guest House Suite

    A Guest House Suite

    There are six spacious 1-bedroom guest house suites decorated with ornate furniture authentic to the region. Back at the Homestead, there are nine guest suites that can accommodate up to 18 people. Ask about Kessler Canyon's special rates for wedding parties blocking off multiple rooms. 

  • The Décor

    The Décor

    The décor at Kessler Canyon creates a truly "Ritzy Ranch" experience.

  • The Trophy Room

    The Trophy Room

    The charming Trophy Room can accomodate up to 100 people for a sit-down reception. In the event of bad weather, its multiple garage-like doors can be closed.

  • The Open-Air Trophy Room

    The Open-Air Trophy Room

    ... Or opened to transform the great hall into an open-air facility providing exquisite scenery for your reception. This is a great option for brides who want to incorporate nature and the outdoors into their celebration without committing to a full-fledged outdoor wedding and avoiding potential additional costs such as tents, cooling and warming units, or any other outdoor necessities. 

  • The Outdoor Pavillion

    The Outdoor Pavillion

    If you're looking to throw a down-home cookout  or an upscale BBQ for your wedding reception—the rustic outdoor pavillion oozes charm and boasts 360-degree views of the majestic Mesa mountaintops.  It can accomodate up to 50 people for a sit-down meal. 

  • Inside the Pavilion

    Inside the Pavilion

    A peek inside the outdoor pavilion. 

  • Activities


    Hiking, kayaking, and daring ATV tours of the surrounding Rocky Mountains are just a few of the exciting things to do on the ranch. And, if you're a hunting enthusiast, there are endless opportunities to indulge in your favorite pastime. 

  • The Spa

    The Spa

    The spa is another great place to kick back and relax with your wedding party. Small and quaint, the facility offers different services including massage, a fitness center, a steam room and sauna.

  • A Treatment Room at the Spa

    A Treatment Room at the Spa

  • The Art

    The Art

    Hunting enthusiasts will appreciate the authentic décor that decorates the ranch. Each one of these treasures is accompanied by a fascinating tale.

  • Mountain Lion

    Mountain Lion

    This mountain lion once roamed the surrounding mountaintops.

  • Fighting Horses

    Fighting Horses

    This sculpture of two fighting horses—like most of the art at Kessler Canyon—showcases its unique heritage and a way of life celebrated by its founders. "Built originally as a private ranch, the Kessler family now invites guests to come enjoy a place they passionately hold near and dear to their heart."

  • Running Horse Sculpture

    Running Horse Sculpture

    You'll feel as if you're right in the middle of an old Western flick. 

  • Chef Lenny and Chef Buck

    Chef Lenny and Chef Buck

    This dynamic kitchen duo—Chef Lenny and Chef Buck—are responsible for the mouth-watering fare at  Kessler Canyon—and they'll make you anything you want! Looking for an authentic ranch experience without the hunt and kill for your dinner? No problem! These two cook up a mean vegan menu.

  • The Cowboy Cook

    The Cowboy Cook

    Chef Lenny hard at work ...

  • Meal Preparation

    Meal Preparation

    ... and always with a smile on his face.

  • Homestead Chef

    Homestead Chef's Table

    Many meals are served at the ranch's chef's table, which lends an intimate feeling to your dining experience.  

  • "The Black Mamba"

    "The Black Mamba"

    And the nightly entertainment by singing sensation "The Black Mamba" can't be missed. Some say he looks oddly similar to Chef Lenny ...

  • The Grounds at Kessler Canyon

    The Grounds at Kessler Canyon

    There is no end to the natural beauty that surrounds Kessler Canyon ...

  • Serenity


    ... And it's impossible to escape the peaceful calm that settles over you once your feet touch the ground on the ranch.

  • The Ranch at Kessler Canyon

    The Ranch at Kessler Canyon

    If you're looking for just the right mix of rustic and luxury for your wedding celebration, Kessler Canyon is the place.

    For more information, visit KesslerCanyon.com

Kessler Canyon Delivers on 2012's Hottest Wedding Trend