Creative Contracts

Here's a lovely idea: Win a Ketubah! If you're Jewish, you probably know what a Ketubah is (it's a traditional marriage contract) that the bridal couple signs in the rabbi's study. Nowadays some non-Jewish couples are also opting to have one. These contracts are really quite beautiful, and come in many styles and in any number of renditions of the traditional text. After the wedding, couples usually choose to display their Ketubah in their home and may pass it down as a family keepsake.

Embracing Trees by Ruth Stern Warzecha

Blue Forest by Judith Joseph

Katagami Indigo by Temma Gentles

Go to, where the Ketubah people will be giving away one a week for 14 weeks beginning on May 11, 2010.

To the winner: Mazel tov!

Posted by Susan at 3:12 p.m.