Our Top 5 Favorite Designs from Casablanca Bridal's "Vacation in Versailles" Collection


With the royal wedding on the horizon, it's no surprise that this season's gown designs have a regal air. Inspired by the palace of Versailles, the luxurious retreat just outside Paris frequented by many French monarchs-past, Casablanca Bridal’s "Vacation in Versailles" Fall 2018 Collection presents an unforgettable contemporary twist on classic bridal designs. Take a look at our five favorite wedding gowns from this dazzling new line, all of which are fit for a princess-to-be.

Style 2347 - Arielle

Style 2347 Arielle

Meticulously detailed and structurally stunning, Casablanca Bridal’s latest collection is designed to bring out the bride’s inner monarch as she begins the first chapter of her forever love story.

Style 2340 - Bianca

Style 2340 Bianca

For years, the palace of Versailles has served as a fitting symbol of eternal devotion and romantic architectural detail. The "Vacation in Versailles" collection is similarly sophisticated, characterized by dancing lace patterns and intricate beaded embelishments.

Style 2352 - Lisette

Style 2352 Lisette

This season undeniably ups the ante on upscale! Lace patterns are large and bold, accompanied by irresistable shimmering tulle for a majestically regal feeling.

Style 2334 - Blakely

Style 2334 Blakely

Gowns are available in petite, plus and traditional fits. True to the cornerstone of Casablanca Bridal’s passion, each gown is made to measure based on the unique shape of each individual bride for a truly remarkable fit.

Style 2336 - Soraya

Style 2336 Soraya

Whether the bride wishes to make a minor customization or create her own dream gown by combining severel elements from different gowns, the sky is the limit at Casablanca Bridal!


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By Sam McFadden