A Green Wedding

t’s the 40th anniversary of Earth Day and what better time is there than to think of fun ways to plan your own eco-friendly celebration. Here are 10 things to consider for a greener wedding:

  1. Start with your invitations and select recycled or plantable paper with soy-based ink. More and more stationers are now offering these options. And to cut down on paper, omit the inner envelope. Some brides are choosing postcard RSVPs rather than the standard card and envelope.
  2. Select a location such as a park, botanical garden or historical landmark. And keep your ceremony and reception in the same area to cut down on transportation. And for your own transportation, consider a horse and buggy or rent a hybrid vehicle!
  3. Choose tablecloths in organic-dyed materials like linen or even burlap, which is great for a more rustic, outdoor or country garden wedding.
  4. Use LED lighting. It’s low voltage and casts a pretty glow or go for soy-based candles on your tables.
  5. Consider potted flowers or plants as centerpieces. Guests can take them home and replant them in their gardens. Ask your florist to use locally grown organic blooms.
  6. Ask your caterer to serve seasonal, organic foods and locally grown produce. You can also offer organic wines and champagnes. And make sure your caterer recycles all cans, plastics and glass.
  7. Even your favors can be eco-friendly. Give guests a kit to plant trees or provide edible favors such as organic chocolates. You can also make a donation to a local charity.
  8. Consider an eco-friendly resort for your honeymoon. There are plenty to choose from and while you’re catching rays or floating in the pool, you’ll also feel good knowing you’re doing your part to help the planet.
  9. Even your wedding attire can be “green.” More and more designers are using sustainable fabrics such as silk, organic cotton/silk or hemp/silk blends and creating stylish eco-friendly gowns.
  10. Reuse and recycle whenever possible. Donate your flowers to a hospital or nursing home and any leftover food to a homeless shelter.

Now, don’t you feel great already? You don’t have to use every one of these ideas, of course, but whatever you can do does make a difference in keeping our environment clean and healthy. So have fun planning and think green!

Posted by Diane at 2:21 p.m.