Can You Believe These Dresses are Made from Toilet Paper?

Yes, you read that right. Check out the creativity of these ladies who just won Cheap Chic Weddings' 7th Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest.

In this contest, brides-to-be were challenged to create dresses made entirely from toilet paper (plus glue, tape, and/or needle and thread). The winner receives $1000, with $500 and $250 going to the runners-up. 

OK, they're no friend to the environment, but you have to admire the cleverness here. Check out the designs the winners came up with:

toilet paper wedding gown

Susan Brennan, of Orchard Lake, MI, made this sleek dress from 4 rolls of toilet paper, hot glue, and packing tape. Judges loved the details—she made feathers and flowers as well, plus the bodice is pleated.

toilet paper wedding gownIn second place, winning $500, is Laura Lee from Milpitas, CA. This dress used 5 rolls of toilet paper, duct tape, first aid tape, and spray adhesive. Love the ruffles on the skirt!

toilet paper wedding gown

And Cynthia Richards from Marietta, GA took thid place (and $250) for her gorgeous designer-inspired dress. She used 20(!) rolls of toilet paper, duct tape, and glue, and enlisted the help of her 8-year-old daughter.

What do you think of these dresses?

—Kristen O'Gorman Klein