Unique First Dance Alternative Ideas

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The first dance is a classic wedding tradition, but it gives some couples major anxiety! If you and your sweetheart are not big dancers, or you just don’t like the idea of all eyes on you, try one of these unique alternatives instead.  

1. An all-guest dance
Once you're announced as a married couple, have guests raise a glass to your life together with a first drink. Then have the DJ bring up an upbeat song and invite all your guests to join you on the dance floor to get the party started.

guest dance
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2. Bridal party group dance
Take the pressure off of you and your spouse by having a coordinated group dance, have everyone pair off for a slow dance, or play a fun song and have your bridal party show off their signature moves.

best friends dance
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3. Play a special song
Having a band? Have them perform your favorite song and serenade you in lieu of a first dance. Or just ask a talented pal to sing you a beautiful love song.

romantic first dance
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4. An all-couples dance
Ask all married couples to share the first dance with you in honor of marriage and a lifetime of love. Or invite the longest-married couple in the room to join you on the dance floor. 

longest married couple dance
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5. A fun "first"
Do a first sword fight, video game, jump rope, etc. Pick something fun and silly that fits you and your sweetheart and then go big with it! Roll in an old school Nintendo console, bring out gold hula hoops made to look like wedding bands, or battle it out with light sabers. Your guests will love seeing you have a great time while doing something completely unique. 

hula hooping bride
Photo Credit: Zwickerhill Photography via Lover.ly

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— Alexia Conley