Creative Ways to Repurpose Bridesmaids Dresses

Solving the age-old conundrums about bridesmaid dresses are a wedding tradition unto themselves: What to do with the dress after the wedding? How to pick out a dress that every bridesmaid will like? How to fit the dresses in the budget? Then try to find an eco-friendly bridesmaid dress that’s chic and can be worn again. Now that’s a tall order.

If you are a bride that is not overly concerned with uniformity, consider choosing a dress style that is more practical for everyday use, or hand out information to your bridesmaids on where they can donate the dress to after the wedding. Instead of making your best friends wear a certain dress, pick a color scheme and ask them to wear a dress they already own that matches your color. It will cost them much less and they are more likely to wear this new favorite dress of theirs again.

Here are the top three ways you can repurpose your bridesmaids dress and get the most for your money while helping the environment:

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1. Play Up Your Flower Power
Did your best friend make you wear a bridesmaids dress with a poofy flower accent? Chances are that you are never going to wear that dress again. You can remove the flower and create a pretty hairband, a handbag accent, or a pretty throw pillow with a floral design. None of these designs require the work of a skilled seamstress; just a little thinking and a few simple tools. Headbands can be made using glue; handbags and pillows can be bought separately and your flower can be stitched or glued onto them.
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2. Donate the Dress
If DIY repurposing is not your thing, then donating your dress is a great way for someone else to get more use out of it. Companies such as Princess Project and Donate My Dress both accept formal dresses of all kinds to give teens the opportunity to attend formals and weddings in style.

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3. Borrow a Dress
Consider using Little Borrowed Dress for your bridesmaids so that they can find a stylish and affordable dress that they can return after your wedding. You can even order a fabric swatch from them to ensure a proper color fit for your wedding party. Little Borrowed Dress allows your bridesmaids to pick their own style and offers a wide variety of dresses that are all budget-friendly. Your wedding party will thank you.
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You don’t have to spend tons of money on a dress that you will never wear again. Make use of it again in a new form or give it to someone else to use. You will not only save money but you will also save on the environmental impact of creating and mass producing a new dress. Be creative, and you'll be sure to get the most out of your bridesmaids dress.

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