A Wedding Dress Made of...Cupcakes?

Friday night was a night no dessert (or fashion!) fanatic wanted to miss. We watched as Katherine and Sophie, owners of Georgetown Cupcake and stars of DC Cupcakes on TLC were put to the test with this week's challenge: Create a 100% cupcake wedding dress for DC Fashion Week. Without thinking, Sophie immediately accepted the challenge from Ean Williams, the Executive Director of DC Fashion week. He wanted a perfect, couture, life-size wedding dress made out of entirely cupcakes for the show's finale. Now, these cupcake sisters are usually game for anything, but this particular task reeked of a potential disaster, considering the dress needed to be wearable.

(Keep in mind these sisters are masters at working under pressure, but they’re admittedly not haute couture designers.) The girls' first step was to figure out just how to make a dress. They decided on using swimming noodles—yes, the actual foam noodles children play with in the pool—as the bones of the gown. Vanilla cupcakes covered the entire skirt, while detailed ivory flowers created the bustier top. The dynamic duo iced and worked until very last minute. The dress ended up being too heavy to wear, but Ean was no less impressed. He just loved the masterpiece.
Brides, tell us: What did you think? I bet you could walk down the aisle in this, as long as you don't eat it as you go!

—Samantha Corbin