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4 Imaginative Disney-Themed Engagement Shoots

Pumpkins turning into carriages, magic carpet rides taking us to a whole new world, and princes in disguise are just some of the things that make us collectively sigh. So when we saw these Disney-themed engagement shoots, we just about swooned. Check out the creative shoots below, and maybe you'll start wishing upon a star, too.

1. Up

Lynnette and James's favorite movie is Up, so they tied in the whimsical details and elements from the movie to their engagement photo shoot.  In case you're unfamiliar with the movie: The main characters, Carl and Ellie, were childhood sweethearts who had dreamed of going to Paradise Falls. When Ellie passes away before they could make the trip, Carl ties thousands of balloons to his house to fulfill their promise. James's grape soda badge and, of course, the house make special appearances!

Harry Potter-Themed Engagement Photos

Here at BG, we love a good theme wedding, from Halloween to Twilight to the Beatles. And since you (and we!) loved our Harry Potter-themed weddings so much, we couldn't wait to share this super cute Harry Potter-themed engagement session with you!

Reggie and Joie are huge Harry Potter fans and decided to shoot part of their engagement photos with a Harry Potter theme. Their amazing photographer, Brooke Aliceon, was thrilled to make it happen and joined forces with some of her creative friends to gather appropriate props and plan the session. Check out the photos!

harry potter engagement photos

Modern Twists on Popular Jewish Wedding Traditions

You're probably familiar with the most theatrical Jewish wedding tradition — the stomping of the glass, where the groom breaks a glass, everyone shouts "mazel tov," and the wedding's cocktail hour begins. To go beyond glass breaking, here are seven Jewish wedding traditions worthy of consideration (and modernization) for you and your groom, whether you're planning a Jewish or an interfaith ceremony.

Charming Wedding Ideas Inspired by Easter

The BG web team has been afflicted with spring fever. Blame the warm air, but we've been daydreaming of breaking out of our stuffy cubicles to surround ourselves with fresh-cut flowers and all things pastel. With Easter just a couple of days away—and bunny-inspired ideas popping up all over our Pinterest feed—the symptoms have only been getting worse. So when we spotted the following photo compilation over at, an online community in Ireland for engaged ladies (referred to as "Missies"), we knew they must be kindred spirits, and we couldn't wait to share with all of our springtime brides.

When incorporating a holiday motif into your wedding, subtlety and consistency are key: blink quickly and you'll barely notice that the porcelain ring stand has ears or that the bridesmaids' shoes resemble tie-dyed Easter eggs. Our personal favorite? The egg escort cards, topped with a thumbprint. Each of these ideas could easily work for a bridal shower, as well!

easter wedding inspirationpastel macarons

Six Wedding Invitation Mistakes to Avoid

In The Emily Post Institute's latest book, Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette: 6th Edition, Emily's great-great-granddaughters Anna and Lizzie Post tackle modern-day wedding questions that the original etiquette expert never could've dreamed about, from how to use (wisely) use technology, the rules for same-sex weddings, and much more. Here, the fourth generation of Posts tackle the biggest wedding invitation mistakes.

calligraphy wedding envelopes
Photo Credit: Paperfinger via

Before you okay your proofs or send your invitations to the printer, review them for the following:

Check, double-check, and then have others check the wording. Be particularly attentive to spelling, the correct names and addresses of ceremony and reception sites, and the correct date and time.

Avoid any mention of gifts or listing of gift registries. Also, don’t include a notation such as “No gifts, please,” tempting as it may be. This keeps the entire focus of the invitation on the person you are inviting, not on any implied obligation to bring a gift. You can put registry or charitable-giving information on your website, or have family members and attendants help spread the word.

The Spookiest Halloween Weddings We've Ever Seen

Would you dare to get married on the scariest day of the year? These couples did! Browse their photo galleries for tons of spooktacular ideas.

Classic Halloween Wedding
Click any image to view the full photo gallery:
Incorporating an orange and black color scheme, Tamara and Jason's wedding truly captured the essence of Halloween. The men donned classic orange ties before changing into hilarious pumpkin ones for the reception. Mini pumpkins were used as escort cards, and skulls made surprise appearances throughout the room's décor. The dramatic centerpieces were adorned with branches and hanging candles. And, of course, no Halloween theme wedding is complete without a candy buffet.

20 Ingenious Tips for Throwing an Outdoor Wedding

augusta cole easton events

Guest blogger: Augusta Cole
With an inherent love for all things design and style paired with creative energy, extreme organization, and a drive for perfection, Augusta is a critical member of the Easton Events team in South Carolina. This senior planner's design-oriented focus, enthusiasm, and superb management skills make her an invaluable asset to clients. She's executed over 100 weddings, private social events, editorial photo shoots and executive level corporate programs.

With summer wedding season upon us, we thought it would be helpful to share some tips on hosting a successful al fresco soirée! Outdoor weddings are a highly desirable way to entertain and celebrate with guests, but they also pose potential challenges. That being said; strategic planning is important. Here are some key things to consider.

What to Consider for an Outdoor Tented Event:

1. No matter how tempting it may be, we only recommend using a clear top tent if you're getting married in a cooler month. Tents act like greenhouses so heat can build up even when it isn't particularly hot. For this reason, it's best to use them when the high is no more than 75 degrees. 


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