12 Fresh New Wedding-Day Perfumes

No big-day look is complete without a wildly beautiful fragrance. Here, some of our favorites.

By: Mary Clarke and Brittany Robins

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  • Vera Wang Pink Princess

    Vera Wang Pink Princess

    For the princess bride, Vera Wang’s Pink Princess scent is a no-brainer. Girly and playful, the fragrance opens with a burst of sparkling pink grapefruit, dewberry and raspberry sorbet. Surprising notes of marshmallow fluff and creamy honeysuckle add richness to the mix. Reach for this fragrance if you’re on the quest for an oh-so-sweet aroma to match your big day ensemble. —BR

  • Dries van Noten par Frédéric Malle

    Dries van Noten par Frédéric Malle

    Take a whiff of what happens when an esteemed perfume curator (Malle) calls upon perfumer Bruno Jovanovic to create an olfactory portrait of the equally esteemed Belgian clothing designer (van Noten). In the mix: lemon, jasmine, violet wood, creamy sandalwood and musk along with gourmand notes of nutmeg, clove and vanilla — the last three, nods to Belgium’s famous speculoos shortbread cookies. In a word: delish! —MC

  • Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine Edition

    Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine Edition

    Leave it to Marc Jacobs to devise a perfume with packaging as vibrant and effervescent as the fragrance itself. This fragrance boasts a fruity top of strawberry, apple blossom and pink grapefruit, intermingled with a floral heart of jasmine, lily and rose. It’s light, delicate and a perfect complement for the sprightly bride. —BR

  • Bohemian Wedding by Rich Hippie

    Bohemian Wedding by Rich Hippie

    With a name like Bohemian Wedding, can patchouli be far behind? Here, it hovers ever so gently in the background, in an airy, ethereal iteration worlds away from the earthier versions you may be more familiar with. In the forefront, you’ll find notes of wedding-worthy sweet orange blossom and fresh notes of Italian citrus. An elegantly free-spirited scent. —MC

  • Balenciaga L’Eau Rose

    Balenciaga L’Eau Rose

    Elegance is all yours with this perfume. Violet, a staple of all Balenciaga fragrances, is once again at the forefront of this new scent. Hints of blackberry, rose and patchouli effortlessly combine to elevate the aroma to new heights. The simple, clear packaging, which highlights the soft pink hue of the formula, is perfect for the bride who is feminine and sophisticated. —BR

  • Carnival Wax Perfume Oil by Agatha Blois

    Carnival Wax Perfume Oil by Agatha Blois

    By day, Agatha Blois designs rad, sexy clothing worn by the likes of Rihanna, Fergie and Nikki Sixx; by night, she conjures up scents with names like Teaflower, Pirate’s Dream and Black Amber (Rooney Mara’s a fan). Or maybe it’s the other way around. However she divides her time, Blois is one busy girl: At last count there were 28 different fragrances on her site, each with its own tempting description. My two faves so far: Sugarwitch, with “top notes of juicy lemons and tangerines, followed by sweet sugary cookies finished with a sexy, woodsy bottom.” Yes — it is exactly that. And there’s the slightly more mysterioso Dreabilly, with “smoke and dried wood, sugar and orange blossoms” — my husband loves this one. Next on my Carnival Wax wish list isPearl, a mix of coconut, wood notes and vanilla. Thankfully, Blois offers an option to purchase sample sizes at gentle prices, which is a good thing: There are still 25 more scents to check out—and I want to try them all. —MC

  • Just Cavalli

    Just Cavalli

    The new Just Cavalli perfume seamlessly speaks to the sultry seductress. The fragrance features an exotic mix of bitter orange tree blossoms and Tahitian Tiare flower, evoking a sense of mystery and sensuality. The bottle is elevated by a python motif (the Roberto Cavalli signature) to reflect the unparalleled style of the bride who selects this scent. —BR

  • For the Groom: Bleu de Chanel

    For the Groom: Bleu de Chanel

    Bleu de Chanel smells as cool as it looks; a fresh, vivid cologne with notes of grapefruit, peppermint leaf and bergamot giving way to warmer hints of nutmeg and ginger against a base of vetiver and pale cedar. A watery, ozonic note wanders throughout the composition, conjuring a happy, beachy place. —MC

  • Marchesa Parfum D

    Marchesa Parfum D'Extase

    Taking a cue from the elegant and feminine aesthetic that Marchesa gowns are known for, designers Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig infused these qualities in their fragrance, Parfum D’Extase, with notes of iris, freesia, violet, and musk.

  • Oscar de la Renta Something Blue

    Oscar de la Renta Something Blue

    Something Blue, with its burst of fruity-floral notes and cerulean packaging, perfectly complements the blue gowns that graced Oscar de la Renta’s runway. This sweet fragrance has hints of mandarin, lychee, lily of the valley, bourbon vanilla, and white musk.

  • Reem Acra Eau de Perfum

    Reem Acra Eau de Perfum

    Her eponymous perfume, with notes of orange blossom, bergamot, ginger, amber, and patchouli, parallels the Middle-Eastern influence that filters through Reem Acra’s luxurious collection of gowns.

  • Vera Wang Be Jeweled

    Vera Wang Be Jeweled

    Bridal fashion icon Vera Wang, noted for her innovative, forward-thinking designs, created her new Be Jeweled scent for the girly, effervescent bride with notes of pomegranate, red currant, champagne accord, and pink honeysuckle.

12 Fresh New Wedding-Day Perfumes