Beat the Post-Wedding Blues

Why do so many brides feel empty and sad after the wedding is over? Take this advice and go from wistful to blissful in no time.

Do some creative writing

Instead of viewing thank-you notes as a chore, and quickly scribbling any old message, put some care into what you write. Including personal details—like referring to a funny moment you shared with the gift giver at one time—will make you feel good because you'll be reminded of your connections to the people who attended your wedding.

Clean house

Throw away the vendor information you didn't use, delete the contact list from your computer and toss all those magazine tear sheets that gave you ideas for your day. Then, attack those important post-wedding tasks you may have been avoiding because they're too emotionally painful, like storing your gown and changing your name on official documents. "These projects are tied to your big day, and yet taking care of them will help you process the feelings of it being over," says Moir-Smith.

Join a group

"While planning her wedding, a bride is part of a tight community that consists of her vendors, bridal party, family and guests," says Becker-Holstein. "When the wedding's over and this group naturally disbands, it's a letdown because as women we thrive on that sense of community." So, do things that will give you a sense of belonging. Join a book or running club, or even an online group for newlyweds. That's what Katie Hook of San Diego, California, did after her big day. "Almost daily, I chat with other newlywed women on a wedding site," she says. "I've bonded with them because they're in the same place I am. Many have become good friends."

Use your newfound skills for good

As a former bride, you're in a unique position to share your wisdom and experience with others. Did you love all the planning? Help organize a charity event or volunteer to head up your office holiday party, suggests Becker-Holstein. Or, go to the message boards and share your great wedding ideas—the contents of those welcome baskets for your out-of-town guests, a clever money-saving tip—with other brides-to-be.

Get some perspective

Your wedding was amazing, and luckily, you have all those photographs and a video to help you relive it once in a while. But remember that marriage isn't about the dress, the flowers and all those other details—it's about the man you married, the life you'll build together, the children you may have, the love you share.