30 Fun Bridal Party Photos

Classic bridal party portraits are necessary, but after what feels like hours of standing perfectly composed, smiling just enough, we think you deserve some fun. Throw in a few of these creative wild cards to add variety to your photo album.

By: Stefania Sainato
  • 1. Wake Up, It

    1. Wake Up, It's Your Wedding Day

    Getting married doesn't mean you can't still enjoy the silly, childhood pleasures in life. Chief among them: Jumping on the bed with your best friend.

    Photo Credit: Brad Ross Photography

  • 2. The Fairest of Them All

    2. The Fairest of Them All

    One of the best parts of being a bridesmaid is watching a woman you love—your friend, sister, coworker, cousin—transform into her most beautiful self as The Bride. Emin Photography captured that fleeting feeling with this reaction shot.

    Photo Credit: Emin Photography

  • 3. Flip The Script

    3. Flip The Script

    Your ladies deserve a special display of affection on your wedding day, so why not get creative and show them how much they mean to you? This photo reminds us of that iconic scene from the '80s film Say Anything, where John Cusack professes his love by blasting music from his boombox, outside his crush's window!

    Photo Credit: Jeff Kolodny Photography

  • 4. Head Over Heels

    4. Head Over Heels

    At first, this photo looks spur-of-the-moment, but on second glance, notice the carefully-intertwined arms, clutching bouquets, and how their heels are neatly lined up. Well played—we can't wait to copy this gorgeous shoe shot.

    Photo Credit: Amanda Marie Photography

  • 5. Say a Little Prayer for You

    5. Say a Little Prayer for You

    This moving, pre-ceremony prayer is a reminder of what the day is truly about. With the women's open palms, you can almost feel the joy and well wishes they're passing on to the bride, here.

    Photo Credit: Amber Davis Photography

  • 6. The Umbrella Effect

    6. The Umbrella Effect

    Whimsical props help your bridal party relax and loosen up for photos—forced smiles begone. Dainty parasols make every photo look prettier, no storm clouds necessary.

    Photo Credit: Azzura Photography

  • 7. Get in Line

    7. Get in Line

    Proof that being playful with your bridesmaids can make for a stunning shot.

    Photo Credit: Valory Jean Photography

  • 8. Wedding Party Pyramid

    8. Wedding Party Pyramid

    This dramatic, effortless photo showcases your amazing gown, venue, and bridesmaids, all at once.

    Photo Credit: Marianne Wilson Photography

  • 9. Band Together, Stand Apart

    9. Band Together, Stand Apart

    With their confident stance, these groomsmen look as if they're invincible, ready to take on the world together. Distance and white space elevates a standard portrait to superhero status.

    Photo Credit: Hailey Erickson Photography

  • 10. Fly, With a Little Help from Your Friends

    10. Fly, With a Little Help from Your Friends

    How much does he trust his groomsmen? This high-flying shot is the real test!

    Photo Credit: Hoffer Photography

  • 11. A Leap of Faith

    11. A Leap of Faith

    The bride's expression in this snapshot says it all.

    Photo Credit: Alex M. Photography

  • 12. Vow to Be True

    12. Vow to Be True

    An interesting way to get the entire bridal party's reaction, not just the groom's, as he recites his vows.

    Photo Credit: Margie Lou Photography

  • 13. The Ring Reveal

    13. The Ring Reveal

    When you first showed your friends your engagement ring, they likely started shrieking and hugging you immediately. Behold, the married man's version of this rite of passage.

    Photo Credit: Plum Tree Studios

  • 14. The Brady Bunch

    14. The Brady Bunch

    After months of nodding, smiling, and holding your hand through various wedding crises, here's how they really feel. But on a serious note, we think it would be compelling to give each person in your bridal party some one-on-one time with the camera and see what they come up with!

    Photo Credit: Kristen Weaver

  • 15. A High-Five Surprise

    15. A High-Five Surprise

    Wonder if the bride and bridesmaids had any clue what was going on behind them in this photo...

    Photo Credit: Meg Baisden Photography

  • 16. Circle of Friends

    16. Circle of Friends

    A fun throwback to those photos you used to take back in college. We love how the bride and groom are upside-down instead of being front-and-center.

    Photo Credit: Photography by Monique

  • 17. He Can See Right Through You

    17. He Can See Right Through You

    The amateur photographer in us would like to point out the clever use of composition. The bride in us would like to point out how fabulous her pose is.

    Photo Credit: Ron Storer Photography

  • 18. A Frozen Moment in Time

    18. A Frozen Moment in Time

    It's no secret that after months of planning, 24 incredible hours passes by in a blur. This photo embraces the frenetic pace of a wedding day, yet we love how this couple still looks like they're in their own little world.

    Photo Credit: Just Married Photography

  • 19. Vantage Point

    19. Vantage Point

    Instead of standing in a straight line, these bridal party members broke up into pairs and stood on different levels of the staircase, creating a compelling backdrop. The pop of red is a nice touch.

    Photo Credit: Table4 Weddings

  • 20. Love from Above

    20. Love from Above

    Mix up a traditional, romantic couple's shot by having your bridal party look down on you.

    Photo Credit: Kirsten Lewis