Vera Wang's New Engagement Rings for Zales

Feel the Love with Vera Wang's new line of engagement rings for Zales.
Brittany Robins

vera wang

Bridal Guide: What made you decide to delve into the world of engagement rings? 
Vera Wang: The Vera Wang LOVE collection for Zales came about because the Vera Wang brand has cultivated a world of all things bridal. As such, it seemed like a natural, organic extension of not only my bridal line at the couture end but also my line for David’s Bridal. Zales was the perfect partnership to further establish our bridal business among the mass and reach as many consumers as possible. 

love by vera wang engagement ring

BG: What type of bride are your rings intended for?
VW: I like to design for a wide array of women—from the modern bride to the more traditional bride, so that there is something for everyone. This concept infiltrates my design philosophy for not just my jewelry line but my wedding gowns as well. There are different types of brides and therefore you must cater to distinct senses of style because everyone is unique. 

love by vera wang engagement ring

BG: You have placed a sapphire inside each engagement ring as your trademark—why a sapphire and what significance does it hold?
I chose to insert a sapphire in the engagement rings because of that classic wedding adage, “something borrowed, something blue.” There is a certain level of superstition connected to the “something blue”—I’ve often been asked to add a touch of blue to the inseam of a dress for that reason, to symbolize the promise of an everlasting marriage. The ability to incorporate this superstition with the use of a sapphire,  which is such a valuable gemstone, I hope, will culminate in a timeless ring that will be treasured for an eternity.

love by vera wang engagement ring saphire
Photography courtesy of: Zales Corporation

BG: What advice would you give to a future groom who is planning on popping the question to his beloved?
I would tell him to not make the discovery process of the engagement ring too complicated! In my case, my husband put the ring in a cake and I almost swallowed it. So, to all those men who ponder the prospect of surprising women with a ring in a glass of champagne or a cake, I think it’s all very imaginative, but one should be practical as well. 

love by vera wang engagement ring saphire

Photos courtesy of Zales Corporation

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