Couple Hides Camera in Bouquet—Watch What Happens

One groom discovered a way to watch his wedding day unfold from his bride's point of view!

San Diego photographer Ben Horne petitioned his now-wife Lyubov to hide a GoPro HD Hero 2 video camera (often used by skydivers to record footage) in her bridal bouquet for their June wedding.

It captured unscripted moments, both big and small. Watch the heartwarming video above to see guests react to the bride as she walks down the aisle and the couple taking in their reception space for the first time.

"It really is a very unique viewpoint and something we're going to enjoy looking back on 20 or 30 years from now," said Horne.

Horne's video only had about 18,800 views at the time of publication, but we have a feeling this could be one of the hottest new tech trends for brides.

Interested in giving your own bouquet cam a shot? Horne says he made his bride's bouquet about two weeks before the wedding using "Real Touch Flowers," which are artificial. His wife picked out orchids, roses and greenery.

They took the camera out of its housing and wrapped it in white gaffer tape so that it would be protected. Then, they super-glued a stick onto the back of it. He also glued on petals to disguise the power and record buttons, as well as the camera display.  Check out this video tutorial for more info!

Photo credits:

—Stefania Sainato

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